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Lanolin Beauty Lotion 150ml

LANOLIN BEAUTY LOTION with Vitamin E is ideal for use all over your body, including your face.  This gentle lotion, used immediately after showering, will help lock in moisture from the shower in your skin.  

The unique formulation includes:

  • LANOLIN to provide a natural rehydration for damaged skin.  Lanolin is the ultimate natural way to heal, soothe & protect the skin giving it a smooth softening effect;
  • VITAMIN E to help prevent oxidative damage and provide protection for the skin’s cell membranes.  The epidermis layer of the skin absorbs Vitamin E.  Other benefits of Vitamin E include helping cell regeneration, creating an anti-aging effect, making the skin appear younger.

Regular use will benefit all skin types.

Apply liberally and evenly in circular motions avoiding direct contact with the eyes; our lotion will be quickly absorbed into the skin.


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